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The most easy-to-use survey software for customer satisfaction, market research, opinion studies, etc.

  • Unlimited number of surveys and questions
  • Easy to interpret results
  • Professional templates
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Add a giveaway at the end of the survey
  • GDPR Compliant
Create your first survey. It is very easy to use!
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Online surveys
can help you with

Customer satisfaction
Evaluate and analyze customer satisfaction.
Find out how you can improve.
Strengthen the relationship with your customers.
Market research
Discover how to reach your target audience fast and easy, from anywhere in the world.
Human Resources
Get feedback from your team, colleagues or clients.
Work environment survey, etc.
Foster the communication with your students.
Discover a fun way to teach and learn.
Ideal for your Bachelor's Degree Final Project or Master Thesis.
Friends and family
Where are we going for holidays?
Play a trivia game and have fun.
Get massive feedback from your guests or clients. Raffle a ticket, promote the event and encourage participation with online surveys.

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Create your first online survey now

Main features of
the best survey software

Endless features that will allow you to create the survey you need.

Structure and Design

Unlimited Surveys and Questions

From your profile you can create as many surveys as you need, the number of questions is also unlimited.

Multiple types of question

You can choose between single answer, multiple-choice, open response, rank order, Net Promoter Score (NPS), numerical list, summations, matrix, etc.

Enrich your survey with media and content

Include images, descriptive text and YouTube videos to support your survey.

Customize the color of the graphs

Choose the color you want for each answer. For example, a question that has two answers, the answer "Yes" could be colored green, and the answer "No" could be colored red.

Surveys in up to 63 languages

You can translate your surveys in: English, French, German, etc.

Professional survey templates

Create your survey in 1 minute using our professional templates.

Encuestas con Sorteo en YOMTA
Encuestas con Sorteo en YOMTA

Advanced Features

Advanced question logic

Show or hide questions based on previous answers.

Jump logic between sections

Group questions into sections and redirect the user to the corresponding one based on his answers.

Manage who can access your surveys

Decide who can respond your surveys: everyone, by request, or by access code or password that you have created.

Run a prize draw among the participants of your survey

Boost the participation of your surveys by raffling the prizes you choose among the people who have responded to your survey.
Learn more.

Label and Filter the questions

Tag your questions with keywords that define them and use it to filter your questionnaire.

Communicate with your target audience

Respond to user comments. Establish a direct channel of communication between you and your target audience.

Encuestas con Sorteo en YOMTA
Encuestas con Sorteo en YOMTA

Share your survey

Social media

Share your survey on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other social network you want.


Send the survey directly to your contacts.

QR code

Use the QR code automatically generated and share your survey. Download the QR code with one click and print it to put it wherever you want.

Analyze the results

Real-time data

Get to know your target audience instantly.

Easy to interpret results

Thanks to our visual analysis solution, the answers are displayed in simple graphs that are very easy to interpret.

Filter by segments

You can filter the results by:
· Gender: man, woman and others.
· Age range: 18-29, 30-44, etc.
· Geographical area: countries, states and provinces.

Export results to Excel

With a single click you can download the results in an Excel or CSV file. Also, you can download the responses encoded for easy processing with an external program.

Encuestas con Sorteo en YOMTA
Encuestas con Sorteo en YOMTA

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use YOMTA?

Companies, freelancers, students, teachers, individuals… everyone can use YOMTA and create a survey, be it for market research, customer satisfaction or any type of questionnaire you want!

Is the tool for free?

We have a free plan with lots of features and we also offer premium plans with advanced functionalities for the most demanding individuals.

Go to plans

How do the Premium plans work?

Premium plans work with a monthly subscription. Each month there will be an automatic charge on your card.

Go to plans

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. With a single click you can cancel your current subscription and still enjoy the current month that you have paid for.

Can I create a prize draw associated to my survey?

Yes, you can create a prize draw that only people who have completed your survey will be able to participate in. It's a good way to boost participation.

Do you comply with the GDPR?

Yes, we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. Privacy and security are our top priority. We are advised by a consultancy specialized in data protection law.

Encuestas con Sorteo en YOMTA

Create your first online survey now