At YOMTA we help improve the life of people around the world by providing tools to express and understand the opinion of society.

We are a global community of thousands of individuals who share their opinion and vision of the world around them.

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Our mission

Change the World and improve the lives of people

YOMTA aims to share the values ​​of Humanity by giving voice to people's opinion.

How to get it?

Freely express your opinion

Share questions and opinions about topics of your interest with your community

As more people express their opinion, more strength will have to achieve a more just, democratic and sustainable world.

Freely express your opinion

Topics that matter to you

Choose topics that matter to you and share your opinion

Questions related to: current affairs, politics, love, couples, science, sports, music, technology, universe, conspiracies, education, human rights, equality, etc.

Create your own questions or answer those of other users

From your profile you can create questions of your interest and let other users contribute with their opinion.
You can also answer questions from other users.

Confidential data and voting

We do not share personal information with third parties.
All results are public so that the world can know what people think about a specific topic.
We comply with GDPR policies.

View answers graphically

You can filter the results by
· Gender: man, woman and others.
· Age ranges: 18-29, 30-44, etc.
· Geographical area: countries, communities (or states) and provinces.

Online Surveys in YOMTA
Online Surveys in YOMTA

What else can you find

Online surveys

The most easy-to-use survey software for customer satisfaction, market research, opinion studies, etc.

Endless features that will allow you to create the survey you need.

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Surveys with prize draws

Boost the participation and get thousands of responses by creating surveys with prize draws among the participants.
We automatically carry out the raffle and generate a certificate with the winners.

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Surveys with prize draws in YOMTA
Surveys with prize draws in YOMTA